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New Year on the horizon... where will 2023 take you?

12th December 2022

Do you dream about being your own boss and running your own business? It’s something many people talk about, but how many actually achieve it? Think about how many often you’ve heard people say, “I’d love to run my own business”, then ask yourself how many have actually achieved it. So, why do so few manage to do so?

Firstly, they may not be the right person to run a business. Ambition alone isn’t enough – it takes someone who is 100% dedicated and committed to their goals, with a broad range of skills to draw on. This doesn’t suit everyone. But, we’re guessing you believe it would suit you.

Secondly, starting your own business is one thing, but making it succeed is something else entirely. Especially in these difficult times. Sadly, as many as two thirds of new businesses fail in their first three years. It can be rough out there!

Fortunately, there is a supported way you can make it work, for you. The InXpress franchise offers you the best of both worlds: the freedom and control you’ve always wanted over your career, with the security and trading power of a globally-recognised brand. You’ll be able to enjoy the reward of your hard work, reducing the risks of starting a business, even without previous experience in the industry.

With our decades of experience and expertise, and comprehensive training and support, InXpress has already helped over 440 people in 14 different countries build rewarding new careers with their global express logistics franchise.

Could you be the next to join them in 2023?
InXpress not only offers you a business model which has been proven to work time and time again, across hundreds of locations worldwide, but as an ever-evolving franchise, we always makes use of innovative and cutting-edge technology. By constantly adapting to customers changing needs and streamlining our systems, we can help you Be ready for anything with our tech-enabled business opportunity. With our guidance and support, you can keep your business ahead of the curve.

What kinds of things do our franchisees send?

In a single hour, Vanessa Heaps, from InXpress Manchester, discovered her customers were wanting to send:

  • Documents to Columbia, Philippines and the UK
  • Polybag samples to Turkey and Denmark
  • Stone samples to Derbyshire
  • Christmas gift boxes to Durham and London
  • Probes to Yorkshire
  • Non-hazardous chemicals to Manchester
  • Tube fittings and pipe insulation to Ireland....

There is so much scope for your logistics expertise, to make customers’ shipping needs easy. But, if you’re still looking for the right opportunity, discover more about InXpress.

As an InXpress franchisee, you won’t just be creating a better future for yourself. You’ll helping others in your local community: by providing a vital service to local businesses, and by offering employment opportunities. However, there’s more. InXpress franchisees pride themselves on giving back, through the InXpress Gives Back” programme, which raises thousands of pounds every year for a variety of charitable causes. So, you can give back without missing out, by building a profitable business with a positive impact, just like some of our InXpress Global Gives Back challenge Superstars.

We believe, franchising is all about empowerment! By empowering you to start that successful business you’ve always dreamed about, but also by empowering our employees, our customers, and our local communities.

Discover how to become a business hero with InXpress
Will 2023 be the year you become part of something bigger and take control of your own path, with your own business? If you believe it is, contact us today to discover how you can improve your life.