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InXpress: the perfect ‘working from home’ opportunity

30th March 2020

These are uncertain times, many businesses are trying to find creative ways for companies to continue trading, helping to secure their staff and keep the business running. InXpress is the perfect ‘working from home’ business opportunity for a climate with no guarantee.

20th Anniversary Case Study: Manish Sharma

26th February 2020

Manish Sharma joined the InXpress network in Delhi, in 2013 and, his franchise is currently the largest in the country. Manish had always dreamt of running his own business and here he tells us how he finally found the courage to fulfil this ambition.

20th Anniversary Case Study: Nathan Bilijam

26th February 2020

Nathan Bilijam, Wijnand Wieling and brothers Stijn and Jesse Zwart bought their InXpress franchise in Friesland, the Netherlands, in June 2018. Here, Nathan tells us their story so far and why buying a business with friends doesn’t have to mean mixing business with pleasure!

20th Anniversary Case Study: Minesh Kathard

26th February 2020

Minesh Kathard was one of the first InXpress franchisees in South Africa, joining the network in July 2013. Here, Minesh tells us why the InXpress opportunity was the only one for him and how he’s relishing his life as a franchise owner, along with the flexibility it has brought to his life!

20th Anniversary Case Study: Maqsood Haider

26th February 2020

Maqsood Haider owns a franchise in Delhi, India. Here, he tells us how he has grown to become one of the top franchisees in the InXpress India network, in just five years.

20th Anniversary Case Study: Rizwan Mohammad

26th February 2020

Rizwan Mohammad was working in the marketing department of a major consumer electronics corporation when he first heard about InXpress, via an email from the Franchise India Association. The subject line, “InXpress has a global partnership with DHL”, caught his attention and the rest is history! Rizwan, who owns a franchise in NCR, Noida, shares his InXpress story with us, including the reason why franchising has given him both the security and freedom he was seeking.

20th Anniversary Case Study: Va Ba

26th February 2020

One of the youngest franchisees in the InXpress network globally, is Vu Ba Viet, 26 years old, who owns a franchise in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Owning an InXpress franchise has changed Vu Ba’s life and here he tells us more about it.

How can a franchise, like InXpress, help me on the path to business ownership?

7th February 2020

If you have a desire to be your own boss, what do you know about the benefits of franchising? Franchise models, like the hugely successful InXpress brand, helps people achieve their dream of business ownership. Discover how…