Specialist car parts courier service

At InXpress, we specialise in providing bespoke shipping solutions for all types of car parts, ensuring your items reach their destination safely and efficiently. Whether you need to send a rear-view mirror, alloy wheels, stereo or any other such car part to the UK or abroad, our tailor-made car parts courier and delivery services are flexible and affordable.

For individual sellers shipping infrequently, to businesses selling car parts online on a daily basis, our car part delivery options are highly beneficial. Our partnership with trusted couriers like FedEx and DHL guarantees that your car parts are in safe hands, whether you're shipping within the UK or to far-off destinations like the USA, China, or anywhere across Europe.

We understand the diverse nature of car parts, from small components like headlight bulbs to larger items such as car batteries and seats. Our service is designed to accommodate all sizes and types of car parts, ensuring a tailored solution for every shipment.

Specialist car parts courier service

Streamlined Car Part Delivery Solutions

We take the hassle out of arranging car part deliveries – only one phone call is required to arrange an alloy wheel courier or engine courier, helping you to save valuable time.

We also accept deliveries of car engines and understand the importance of a delicate and careful delivery when doing so. If you’re looking for engine couriers in your area, you can trust that we’ll ensure a fast yet safe delivery - our reliable couriers can deliver all of your car parts, wherever in the world you might require them. Your local InXpress shipping specialist will not only work out the best service to use, but can help with any queries you may have about sending car parts abroad too.

Bear in mind that when sending car parts, it is important to package them safely, wrapping items in bubble wrap and paying careful attention to fragile parts. If you need advice on how to safety and securely package your car parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by getting in touch with one of our friendly and helpful advisors.

For those who sell via eBay or an e-commerce site, we offer platform integrations to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Using our expertise and industry knowledge, we can find the perfect car part courier to meet your needs, whatever they may be. This includes same, next day and time definite car part delivery. Plus, multiple shipments can be arranged in one call, with everything in a single invoice.

Streamlined Car Part Delivery Solutions

Packing Tips for Car Parts

Proper packaging is essential for the safe transport of your car parts. Here's how you can prepare some common components:

General Packing: Use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts to protect and cushion your items. Pay special attention to sharp edges and corners.

Glass Components: Double box if possible, using ample cushioning material and clearly marking the package as fragile.

Heavy Items like Engines: Consider a pallet or crate for secure transport. Ensure the courier is aware of the item's weight and dimensions for proper handling.

Wheels and Tires: Pack each wheel in its own box with plenty of internal padding to prevent scratches or dents.


 Packing Tips for Car Parts

Benefits of Choosing InXpress for Car Parts Shipping Services

  • Premium Discounts: we can save our customers money because we spend millions with the world’s best carriers. This gives us access to huge discounts.

  • Decades of Expertise: benefit from our over 25 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry.

  • Tailored Shipping Solutions: we offer customised shipping solutions to meet the your specific requirements, ensuring they are delivered safely and on time.

  • Access to a Powerful Platform: utilise our powerful shipping platform designed to make professional shipping services more affordable and efficient.