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Pallet Delivery

Discover the pallet delivery service to suit you, from the wide range of options we have available here at InXpress. From full pallet deliveries to a quarter pallet delivery, no matter what quantity, frequency and destinations you require, with our tailor-made shipments, you can find the ideal solution for your pallet delivery needs.

Every pallet courier we work with is a well-known and highly trusted carrier, providing you with the peace of mind that all deliveries will arrive on time and in top condition. Through these partnerships and our industry knowledge, we can work out the best pallet delivery service for you.

Domestic and International Pallet Shipping

From UK pallet delivery to international shipping, we can help you make measurable savings when sending pallets to many different countries in the world. Whether you need day and time definite delivery or are flexible, the best price that matches your needs with a tailored pallet delivery service will be arranged. Plus, if you run an eBay or e-commerce site and will be requiring regular pallet deliveries, we now offer e-commerce platform integrations to make the process even easier.

Please see below for the size and weight restrictions for our full, half and quarter pallets:

Full Pallet

Max height: 2.2m
Max length: 1.2m
Max width: 1m
Max weight: 1000kg

Half Pallet

Max height: 1.1m
Max length: 1.2m
Max width: 1m
Max weight: 500kg

Quarter Pallet

Max height: 0.8m
Max length: 1.2m
Max width: 1m
Max weight: 250kg


Your pallet will be considered to be a standard size if both the goods and the pallet remains within these dimensions. However, if they exceed the dimensions and overhang the pallet, please be aware that you could be charged for an oversized or double pallet delivery.

If you need any advice on how to correctly and safely pack your pallets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly advisors by calling us on 0800 195 2125.

World Class Service from InXpress

Using InXpress means you only need to make one call to arrange a pallet courier service. As a single point of contact, whether you need to make recurring shipments or a one-off delivery, this makes the whole process a lot easier.

Contact us to get a quote today for the services of anything from a full to half pallet courier, whether delivering to destinations in the UK or overseas. You could benefit from our fast and affordable world class pallet delivery service – it’s the ideal solution to all your pallet courier service needs.