How InXpress is helping clients to support customers through Brexit

Be ready for anything with a tech-enabled business opportunity

18th March 2022

Every company is looking to utilise shipping and courier services – especially since the pandemic accelerated eCommerce. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, this is a fantastic sector to open in. Demand is higher than ever, so businesses want a shipping partner they can rely on. 

The key to business success usually comes from identifying what customers want, and selling it to them. Simple supply and demand. The real magic happens when you identify a problem or challenge, and offer customers a solution – especially one which saves them time and money. Then, if you continue to adapt to the needs of your customers, and can respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace, you have a real recipe for success.

Which is where InXpress comes in!
At InXpress, we’ve developed relationships with trusted shipping partners, to give you an unbeatable framework within which to provide a first-class service. However, it’s our innovative technology, webship+, which allows you to make the most of these connections. webship+ has been developed over 20+ years of insight to maximise business efficiency, and deliver exactly what customers need, when they need it. The easy-to-use interface, and access to real time data, means we have changed how customers and franchisees, can connect and manage the shipping process. 

How it works for our customers
webship+ is an easy-to-access, cloud-based platform, which makes it easier for customers to manage the admin burden of sending out packages and parcels. Even more complex shipping orders. webship+ can even tailor solutions, to save customers both time and money.

Key features include:
A fully-integrated, one stop shop which is accessible on-the-go
A comprehensive comparison service highlighting different price and delivery options
Bulk uploading for multiple orders, which can be scaled up and down as needed
Options on integration with a number of leading online stores

How it works for you as a franchisee
More than just a tool to attract customers, webship+ is a fully integrated management system, with tools designed to support you, as a franchisee, with managing all shipments being made by all customers. It is a system which enables you to provide a VIP service to your customers, and to effectively manage and grow your business. 

Key features include:

  • Monitor customer shipments and invoicing
  • Generate reports quickly and easily
  • Gain insights into the performance of your business
  • Regular updates and improvements to help streamline your business

Step into a tech-enabled business, today

Things move pretty fast in the world of global shipping and logistics! Will you be ready? With InXpress, you’ll have everything you need – and more – to build a successful business. Contact us today to find out how you could benefit from starting your own cutting-edge, tech-enabled business. 

Be ready for anything with a tech-enabled business opportunity