Your New Year brings new opportunities

17th December 2019

As we ring in 2020 and trudge back to our old lives, our old jobs and fall back into our old, tired routine. Could there be something better out there? Is there an opportunity offering freedom and control all wrapped up in a business model you can trust? The answer is yes: InXpress.

InXpress gives you the ability to build your own profitable business with the security, knowledge, and expertise of the global InXpress brand.

James Griffin, InXpress Swansea franchisee, has benefitted immensely from investing in an InXpress business opportunity, as it has allowed him to purchase his own home. “When I first started with InXpress, I had no experience in logistics or sales. By rights, I shouldn’t be successfully running my own business at this early stage. InXpress made it possible for me to achieve some of my personal goals,” explains James. “Owning my franchise has been life changing for me, I have a comfortable lifestyle and I am able to take plenty of time off (not that I do!) my future is looking very bright”.

Many people are put off becoming their own boss due to the pressure to get everything done as quickly as possible, to have an impact in their industry. However, with InXpress, time is on your side. You are the boss, you can build your business, your way. You do not have to hire employees straight away, you can start out alone and progressing to premises and a workforce as your grab —or, if you’d prefer, go all-in and a team and find an office from the offset. The ball is in your court, it’s your business. 

InXpress provide their franchisees with the best of the best when it comes to training and support. They’re constantly evolving, with an initial two-week training course at the head office. InXpress offer access to our online university and the network of established franchisees, and regular visits from our team. You will have everything you need throughout the lifetime of your franchise.

So, let’s make 2020 the year of opportunities, say hello to taking back control of your life and goodbye to your worn-out routine.

To find out more about acquiring an InXpress franchise please contact Mel:, or call: 0800 195 2125.