Inspire Inclusion: InXpress women leading the way

14th March 2024

Rajee Pattni has recently joined InXpress, but she is a seasoned business owner, who knows how to break the status quo of traditional stereotypes.

In an industry where female leadership and empowerment is often overlooked, Rajee sets the way for a new era. Her story begins as she built a career in the print and design sector, inherited from being involved in her family's business. "My passion is design — branding and innovative print solutions. Coming from a family of creatives, I took a detour after art college working in the corporate sector, which gave me valuable experiences, helping to shape me as a person. But I always felt the pull towards our business and becoming an entrepreneur.” 

Before coming back into the family business, Rajee became a trainer at her local college, where she taught graphic design and private industry-print training courses. “After about 7 years, I went back into the family business, full time. We’d always bought parcel and delivery services, which is part of what I was responsible for. But, I often felt, as a customer, I wasn’t being looked after. At the same time, we launched an e-Commerce business, and had become an InXpress customer. Through them, I could see InXpress offered a chance for me to explore a new challenge for myself.”

Stepping into new things

Rajee joined InXpress in July 2023, alongside Jess Vant, she became one of the first sole female franchisees in InXpress' 25-year history! Rajee was determined to make herself known. "Joining InXpress was something I wanted to achieve for myself. I see it as an opportunity to learn and grow in a completely new industry and create a successful business. I also felt I was able to contribute by bringing my design and print skills to the network. Logistics truly is a male-dominated sector, but one in which I’m used to having worked with in the printing industry."

Fully supported

One of the significant challenges Rajee has faced, is in adapting to the sales-based InXpress model. However, her perseverance and determination to overcome challenges, combined with the leading training provided by InXpress has paid off. "The support from InXpress is phenomenal. Their structured training, ongoing support, and being part of a community of franchisees who embrace diversity, makes a significant difference. Transitioning from selling print training courses, to knocking on doors to sell shipments was a challenge. But challenges are what makes it exciting for me! I believe in the power of networking; I’m finding it’s a key strategy for overcoming hurdles and building connections, so part of my strategy is to attend more events.”

Diversifying the network

Rajee's story is not just about breaking gender barriers, but about challenging cultural norms. In an industry with minimal representation of Asian women, Rajee wants to inspire more women, especially from diverse cultural backgrounds, to enter the logistics sector. "InXpress, with its 25-year history, hadn't seen sole female franchisees until Jess and I joined. But being an Asian woman in a male-dominated sector adds an interesting dynamic. Even at the InXpress regional meetings, I walk into the room of other franchise owners, proudly standing as the only woman in the room! But, they are fully supportive of me being with them. I believe in the power of diversity, so I’d love to see more women, especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds, start their own InXpress business.”

International Women’s Day: Inspire Inclusion.

We’re excited to see how women like Rajee, are breaking the mould to inspire inclusion. When you join InXpress, you find a network who are fully supportive of your move into business ownership. From the onboarding process to the training, and the ongoing support of connecting with a Franchise Mentor, wider network, and your Business Coach. You never have to worry about knowing how to start or grow your InXpress business. Something Rajee hopes she can inspire others to believe in for themselves. So, who inspires her? “My friend Baroness Verma is a true inspiration to me. Her tireless efforts in the House of Lords, advocating for vital causes like climate change and gender equality, as well as her initiatives promoting women in business, ignite my own passion for positive change. Seeing her dedication reinforces my belief in the impactful role individuals can play when they are genuinely committed to making a difference."

Embrace the challenge!

Rajee is changing the way we look at the logistics sector. As she grows her franchise, she wants to inspire other women to embrace challenge, disrupt societal norms, and enjoy success for themselves. "My journey with InXpress is about being the spotlight for women to step out of their comfort zones to be their own boss! Running your own business gives you a good quality of life: You’re working for yourself, so tend to work a little bit harder. But there’s help around management and strategy for running your business, and the financial rewards are yours… not someone else’s!”

InXpress, with its focus on diversity and empowerment, is a franchise ready to make a difference. Find your place today!







Inspire Inclusion: InXpress women leading the way