How can I use my business degree to make money for myself?

24th August 2018

The ultimate question for any graduate usually comes down to, what next? You’ve finished your education, now it’s time to dive into the career of your dreams. Work up the corporate ladder. Balance the work you want to do, with the life you want to live. Right?

With the InXpress Young Guns franchise package, you have the opportunity to invest in your own business and skip the “working up the corporate ladder” bit. 

Hang on, who are InXpress?

InXpress have become world leaders when it comes to global shipping. And no, this doesn’t mean you need a background in shipping! You’ve just graduated, we know you won’t have!

We have created a hugely successful business model which has been proven to work, by our 300+ franchisees, the world over. By building relationships with household logistic companies people already trust, we offer you an easier route for giving your customers competitive shipping solutions they need. Use our bespoke online tools and systems, because we have done the hard work for you, leaving you free to focus on sales. The more sales you make, the more customers you have, the bigger your residual income grows.  

Really? So how does it work?

Here are five steps to making your business degree work for you, and not for someone else:

Step 1: Find out more about the InXpress Young Guns opportunity
The InXpress franchise is perfect for someone who has the gift of the gab or is ready to learn about sales! So, come and meet with us, chat to us, and find out if we are a fit for each other. If you are successful, we will offer you the opportunity to work with an existing franchisee for three months on basic pay. This will allow you to learn all about running the business from some of our Top Gun* franchisees.

Step 2: Invest in your InXpress Young Guns business. 
After the three months, if you still want to proceed, and you continue to meet our criteria we will offer you your own franchise at a reduced rate. 50% discount on our normal purchase price.

Step 3: Build your business with our support
The greatest aspect of franchising is the level of training and support you receive. We continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information, training you in every process and changes to our industry, as they arise. You will also have access to your franchise mentor, business advisors, and any of the InXpress network who are happy to give you guidance and advice. Build your business, aim high to achieve Top Gun status – either in the UK, or on a global level. Do you have what it takes?

Step 4: Enjoy your life: including making life better for others less fortunate!
Many of our Young Gun franchisees have chosen to enjoy life to the max. Some give back to the InXpress global network, visiting other countries and training new InXpress franchisees. Others enjoy travelling and are often found on Instagram enjoying the best the world has to offer: from snowboarding, to yachting, to major sporting events. One of our Young Guns has a successful side-line career, modelling. Every one of our Young Guns have discovered ways they can help people less fortunate than they are. Whether this is being involved with charitable activities, like biking and marathon running, providing football kits to kids in Africa, or building schools and hospitals in remote villages in Thailand. Whatever your vision, you can achieve it.

Step 5: Invest in other franchisees
After completing six months as a Young Gun you would be expected to provide support to others in the programme. This may take the form of sharing your story for us to use online, sharing your business knowledge one-to-one, or sharing stories of your success. In the same way you have been inspired, we hope you will want to inspire other Young Guns to successfully achieve their own dreams.

Are you ready to make your degree work for you? If so, click on this link, and fill in your details. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for us to initiate step one together. 

For more information about the InXpress Young Guns Programme, please visit






*The InXpress Top Gun league tables, based on all global franchisees are two-fold:

  1. The top-5 fastest growing new franchisees each month
  2. The franchisees earning the biggest profit margins – typically over £¼ million
How can I use my business degree to make money for myself?