InXpress 1p Campaign

24th November 2017

Last year, through campaigns like the InXpress 1p per shipment campaign, we were able to help 71 disadvantaged children in North East Thailand attend school. By simply offering children the chance of an education, we are able to offer them hope for a better future, through our chosen charity, EYESeeMe.

The simplicity of the 1p campaign, is there is no additional cost to you! When you book a shipment through InXpress, we will make a donation of 1p on every single shipment. So not only can you save money on shipment costs for your business, you can also help improve the quality of life for children whose families can’t afford to send them to school.

So, as your customers start to take advantage of your Christmas deals, we hope you can help us take advantage of the rise in online shopping and subsequent increased demand for delivery, as we aim to beat last year’s £2,000 raised. Why not add your penny’s worth?