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Send a Parcel to Germany

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, wherever and whenever you need to get a parcel to Germany, we have the shipping solutions to help you out, here at InXpress. Partnerships with the best couriers around the world mean you can rest assured that when you send a parcel to Germany it will arrive on time and in top condition, whether it’s just one document or a few pallets. 

Save time, effort and money when arranging to get a parcel from the UK to Germany. We offer discounted rates with the best global couriers as such a large shipping service, while the online shipping tools we use make shipping, tracking and viewing all shipments incredibly easy and time-saving. 

Services for All Shipments

You can arrange everything from sending one parcel to Germany to a large fleet of pallets and crates to various destinations with just one call to InXpress. All our customers are assigned a shipping specialist to help work out the best carriers to use based on your budget and other requirements. 

If you use e-commerce sites as part of your business or as a personal seller and need to send a parcel to Germany, our shipping tool integrates accounts. This can save you hours of time as well as money, with customers able to view when goods have been dispatched and receive one invoice for all shipments to make things even simpler. 

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