How InXpress is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

Customer case study

Tharsus Ltd is one of the largest robotics manufacturers in Europe. They import parts from all over the world but found themselves facing significant production downtime owing to customs delays, both on their own and their supplier carrier accounts.

All their suppliers now send their parts through InXpress Tyne & Wear, using both our web portal (air) and freight (sea) suppliers. We co-ordinate the labels and collections, regardless of time of day, including weekends. We also co-ordinate all VAT and Duties payments using the InXpress carrier deferment account.

The result of getting InXpress Tyne & Wear involved has been:

  1. There has been no downtime at the factory as a result of delays in delivery

  2. Significant sums have been saved in carriage costs

  3. Issues in transit have been considerably reduced through having one point of contact to co-ordinate Tharsus multiple sites and many suppliers from around the world.

Paula Sainthouse, Marketing Officer, Tharsus Group said “Tharsus and Universal Wolf are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced machines and robotics, which we export all over the world.  Many of our products are of very high value, often unique and used in important and time sensitive applications. 

So it is vital we are able to completely rely on a courier who is able to deliver them on time and with due care and attention. InXpress is that courier.  We have worked with them for four years during which time they have never missed a beat. The service is utterly reliable and the excellent team friendly and attentive.

InXpress is our courier service of choice for all our import and export activities, including air and sea freight, and is the business that holds the vital responsibility of importing raw materials for our biggest client’s products. Working with In Xpress provides us with complete peace of mind for all our deliveries, wherever they are headed, and we would recommend them to other businesses without hesitation”.

The InXpress Way

It couldn’t be easier to ship the InXpress way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a parcel, package, box or freight that you need to send, if it’s a one-off or many bulk shipments. Whatever your business’s requirements are, we can help.

Our couriers in Tyne & Wear have the knowledge, expertise and the industry partnerships to help you find the right solution at discounted prices. This is the same regardless of the final destination of your parcel – domestic or international. Either way, your shipping consultant will be right on your doorstep if you have any queries or require help.

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