About InXpress Cardiff

If you need a courier in Cardiff then InXpress can find the best carrier to ensure your parcels, freights or boxes reach their destination on time. Our partners include many well-known, trusted and reliable carriers while we retain a local focus and make the process as quick and easy as possible, when you need parcel delivery in Cardiff. We consolidate your invoicing and listen to specific needs to provide a tailored service. As your point of contact throughout the delivery process, we deal with the carriers, any issues and other requests.

Start Shipping Many Items

There are many surprising things you can begin shipping with InXpress Cardiff, whether you need a courier in Cardiff to send small parcels, big boxes or freights. Surprising items you can ship include:

  • Laptops: the battery must be attached
  • Batteries: as long as they are correctly identified, marked, labelled and packaged
  • Flowers
  • Car parts: including engines and gear boxes if all lubricants and fluids are removed
  • Fine art: glass frames need to be covered in criss-crossed masking tape.
  • Lobster: packaged with insulation and refrigerants
  • Undeveloped film: specially labelled to avoid exposure
  • Stringed musical instruments: pack with cushioning

Whatever items you wish to ship with our parcel delivery in Cardiff services, arranging it is simple with InXpress. We deal with the carriers so you don’t have to, dealing with any queries and issues throughout the entire process.