InXpress and EYESeeMe are joining up

EyeSeeMe Project is a registered charity that works with children in South East Asia who are orphaned, HIV, marginalised or abandoned.

Through the medium of photography, the charity use digital cameras as a tool for social change and personal empowerment. Children are taught basic photography and picture making skills and are asked to photograph their world and create images of special meaning to them.

This class gives the children a unique opportunity to tell the world about their own individual stories and in doing so EYESeeMe get to understand and identify the particular needs, hopes and dreams of each child for their future.

InXpress and EYESeeMe also understand that by helping children into education we are helping
to break the poverty cycle and giving children a better chance of a future.

This is why we are joining up to raise enough funding to get 50 children in Thailand, into full time education and to fund them in their schooling until graduation.

This extremely worthy cause will positively impact and change the course of the lives of these children (and their children) in the years to come. 

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See how InXpress are helping to Give Back to communities around the world.

InXpress is committed to serving the community by raising money for local causes and through our education and outreach activities. The InXpress Gives Back outreach programme invites our franchisees, sales people, customer service and corporate staff to see learn and engage in the community in service projects.

InXpress Gives Back has brought out the very best in ourselves, strengthened our values and brought us closer together. Globally, we have made an impact on each community we serve.  

InXpress is proud to  fund raise for local causes in our community and we bring out whole network together to help do this.

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