Introducing Nick O’Dwyer, InXpress Truro

29th September 2017

Nick says, “I have spent most of my working life predominantly in sales and financial services, having been a Derivatives Trader, before setting up my own mortgage brokerage. When the recession hit, I literally lost everything, and ended up moving to the UAE to work in the financial services of the Middle East. When I came back to the UK around 2010/2011 I really didn’t want to work for someone else again, which is why I created my probate research company.”

Last year, Nick decided it was time for a career change, so began to research the options available to him in his mid-forties, “The probate industry has become more difficult to work in over recent years, and I wanted to find a career which would play to my skills, mainly sales and being good with people.”

The route Nick took from exploration to franchisee flowed naturally based on his experience as a probate researcher, “I started researching general franchise opportunities,” he explains. “I already knew franchises were generally more successful than new business start-ups, which appealed to me – especially as I already had experience in starting up my own companies. A look around my local high street, and at our own shopping habits, it’s clear to see the growth of the courier industry, with the rise of online ecommerce.”

In understanding the industry, Nick found it easy to make the jump from generalised consideration, to investing in his own InXpress franchise. “I came across InXpress via the British Franchise Association (bfa) which added credibility to who they are as a franchise. I attended the Discovery Day and spent time speaking with some of their existing franchisees.” Nick spent the next few months arranging his time and previous business, before he could attend the InXpress Boot Camp in August. “It was an enjoyable couple of days – Ken BrockBank is an excellent motivational speaker. Since then I have attended a regional meeting, connecting with others in the network, and have spent time with the local mentor InXpress assigned to me.”

As Nick makes preparation for Monday, what are his business goals and objectives? “I really want my business to become well established in Cornwall and Devon. There is nothing like InXpress, so initially I will be attracting the low hanging fruit.”

Having his eyes firmly set on the future provision for his family, Nick goes on, “I am determined to generate substantial residual income to see me nicely into my later years. Although I don’t think I’ll ever stop working, it’s about creating choice – I would like to have the option, when I reach 60, to choose to work, rather than feeling I HAVE to work! I also, want to release my wife from working – she works in care, which isn’t very financially rewarding. I would like her to also have the choice for how she lives her life.”

And in creating the perfect work-life balance might also free-up extra time for Nick, “Who knows – I might even have time for writing that crime novel which is embedded in me!”