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InXpress Gives Back announces chosen charity

28th September 2016

InXpress are delighted to announce that the charity they will be supporting for the next 12 months through their InXpress Gives Back program will be EYESeeMee.

EYESeeMe is a charity set up and run by one of their franchisees, Rebecca Robyns from InXpress Hull. Rebecca was able to set up the charity in her spare time due to the flexible nature of the InXpress franchise opportunity. By joining together, InXpress and EYESeeMe aim to raise the funding needed to get 50 children in Thailand into full time education and to fund them in their schooling until graduation. A great cause and something that InXpress are so proud to be backing!

EYESeeMe works with orphaned and impoverished children in South East Asia to help them develop new skills within a safe and therapeutic environment. The charity all started with a project run by Rebecca to help encourage creative expression in children. She gained 10 cameras from an extremely kind donor and uses them to teach children aged 6-16 basic camera skills and to allow them to photograph their daily lives and reflect on the photo’s meaning to them. From this project and from working closely with the children, Rebecca could see how important an education is to these children and decided to pursue the opportunity further. The aim of the charity is to positively impact and change the course of the lives of the children (and their children) in the years to come.

 “Going to school for children in our country is an everyday activity that we often take for granted. For children in South-East Asia this is a luxury that few can afford and for those that do it’s a daily struggle to maintain. Education is held in high esteem and is not only seen as a way out of poverty but an opportunity to change lives. By helping the EYESeeMe project we are helping to break the poverty cycle and create lasting change for future generations to come,” explains Rebecca.

Rebecca recently held an exhibition in her local area to showcase the work of the children she has visited and to show how important the work of EYESeeMe is to the lives of children.

InXpress are always proud to back their franchisee’s achievements and involvement in communities around the world. The InXpress Gives Back program invites franchisees, sales reps, customer services and corporate staff to see, learn and engage in the community in various service projects.

“We were so delighted to support Rebecca with EYESeeMe and InXpress Gives Back gave us the perfect opportunity to get involved and give the charity the backing and recognition it deserves. The fact that it’s a charity set up by one of our franchisees is even better – we work hard to make an impact on the communities we serve and seeing our franchisees get so involved is great to see. It feels like we’ve reached a milestone which says so much about the values and success of our network. We hope that this will be a long-term partnership which can eventually help children in need around the world, including at home in the UK,” adds Melanie Spencer, Global Head of Marketing at InXpress.

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