A global man joins a global brand

30th October 2017

InXpress are excited to introduce our latest new starter, Angus MacKenzie!

Thirty years ago, Angus left his home in Scotland, and headed off into the Horizon, spending time in India and Australia, before settling in Turkey for the last 26 years. It was while he was in Turkey, Angus established a golf course construction company, as well as a distribution company selling heavy duty agricultural machinery across the Middle East for companies like John Deere.

Toward the end of last year, circumstances changed in Turkey, so Angus looked at moving back to St Andrews, in Scotland, arriving back in August. “Having built-up a couple of successful businesses, I was looking for an opportunity to build on what I already knew. Specifically, logistics. I knew about franchising as a secure option, so when I started looking at business options on the bfa website, InXpress really stood out to me. I carried out some research about them on the internet, which confirmed them as a trusted franchise, as I read through franchisees’ reviews who only had positive experiences with InXpress.”

Angus goes on to say, “Having had experience in logistics, the attraction of an InXpress franchise was it was relatively risk-free option for me moving back to the UK. It’s also not a huge personal investment to make, with the potential for an excellent return. The only risk comes down to me not going out and making my business work. I also liked the idea of being able to work from home, and not having to set up an office, as well as being able to work on my own. Trying to re-establish myself back in the UK, I didn’t want to jump straight into employing staff as well!”

Having spoken with InXpress’ Ben Kirby at the beginning of the year, Angus bought the franchise in August, and jumped straight into Boot Camp. “The training and support InXpress has offered has been really good – especially the sales training, and the mentoring system they use. There was a lot to take in during Boot Camp, so having an existing franchisee as a mentor I can meet with regularly, who will show me the ropes as I go along, is beneficial. I already have a few good customers lined up and ready to jump in with me.”

So, what does Angus hope to gain from his first year with his business? “Realistically I am still adjusting to life back in St Andrews, so I plan to be on my own for the first few months. Once I have built-up my customer base, I am then in a position to set up an office and take on someone to do sales and customer support. Looking beyond that, within three years I hope to expand my staff further, then take a back seat from sales to focus on customer service. This is where I really love to engage with people!”

We are looking forward to seeing how Angus gets on with his new business, and the vision he has. Who knows, maybe the guy who built golf courses in the Middle East will carve out time to visit Scotland’s most famous gold course in his spare time!