What if we told you we are about to launch our new advert?

10th November 2017

Have a look at our brand new advert which is launched TODAY!! Featuring one of our Young Guns business owners, and the numerous ways InXpress offers excellent quality in worldwide shipping, for any size business.  We are quite proud of it, but what do you think? Watch it now!

How can your business benefit from switching to InXpress?

“After switching to InXpress, a quarter of new customers said they saved up to 25% on their annual shipping fees.” explains Mel Spencer, Global Head of Marketing. “So, we wanted to create an advertising campaign to give a clear picture of what we are about.”

Like what you see? Share the video and let others make the change, treat themselves.

Experienced for yourself the great service InXpress offers businesses of all sizes? Share the video, and help other businesses tap into the secret you’ve already discovered.  Shipping with great customer services, at a great price.