InXpress Customer satisfaction: William Hannah Limited

27th November 2017

William Hannah make a range of exclusive leather notebooks in the UK. The bespoke nature of the design, means David’s customers can be found around the globe. He needed to be confident in the shipping services he was employing to ensure his customers were satisfied with both the efficiency of the delivery and the quality of their purchases.

“When I first started my business, I was shipping over to Canada and the USA, it would take up to three or four weeks before my customers received their notebook.” David explains. “And there was no way to check on my products during transit. When I signed up with InXpress, I was able to send my products through DHL, and customers received what they had ordered as soon as the next day.

The nature of the global shopping experience means that most of David’s business is outside the UK – up to 60%. “My customers are looking for a quality notebook. I needed to find a quality shipping provider to help me stay in the global market, I didn’t want my business to lag behind. Through InXpress’ global shipping services, I am able to offer my customers cost-effective, superfast, efficient shipping. It keeps them happy. And it keeps me happy.” 

David continues, “My customers will often give positive feedback, not just on the quality of our notebooks, but also about the excellent service I have been able to offer, through InXpress.”