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The InXpress Convention: Alive With Vision

31st May 2017

Fresh from our InXpress Convention in May, the excitement within our franchise continues to grow, long after everyone finished their drinks, shook hands, and said goodbye. It is at our annual convention that you really get a feel for how the InXpress network – or should we say family – shines its light on past achievements, present inspirations and future goals.

Rewarding Success It all started at the Awards Evening. This is significant for InXpress to recognise the many franchisees within the InXpress network who are excelling on a variety of levels, celebrate our successes and feel inspired by others. An invaluable part of our InXpress Convention, especially for those who are still new and developing their own franchise business. It is more than a simple pat on the back for meeting targets, this is a genuine celebration of what we are achieving together. Because, the bigger we get, the better it is for the InXpress brand: Investing in the brand is growing everyone’s business.

Massive congratulations to Franchise of the year: InXpress Birmingham North West

Alive With Vision The convention was abuzz with networking, as franchisees caught-up with old friends, and met new franchisees who have joined the InXpress family since we last met. This is the best part of the Convention where we visually see how our network is growing each year.

The confidence-builder of the InXpress Convention focusses on how the brand supports individual franchisees at any level of business growth, with there being something for everyone:

Global Strategy Sharing the vision for the coming year, embedding the values of our brand, and the investment from the brand as they support the network every year.

Key Messaging One of our key messages this year was about how to develop our businesses using strategic disciplines. So often, as business owners, we become stuck “doing the drill” and don’t have enough time for strategising. When we plan more than we’re doing, we’re planning to succeed.

So, the crucial question to ask ourselves is, at what point do we invest in someone else doing the drill, so we can expand from a one-man-band, into a fully-functioning office-based business.

Targeted Sessions With everything you might need to cover your business, and grow throughout the year. From technical sessions, to explaining the new technology InXpress are launching, to making the best of marketing campaigns.

Expert panel An inspirational opportunity for any franchisee to ask any question, from anyone on our panel of experts. Questions ranged from how to maximise customer service, to dealing with technical issues, and everything in between.

We See Them And as we continue to support our Charity, EyeSeeMe, the Charity Casino Night was a grand occasion, the whole network can feel involved with, as Inxpress Gives Back.

Dream Big You can fulfil your dream for your business! You’re only limited by your time, your effort, and your investment. You can grow your business as big as you want it to grow.