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InXpress Gives Back from the Top Down

24th May 2017

Lindsay Birley, the CEO in Asia Pacific, is firmly in the riding seat when it comes to completing a huge bike challenge in Cambodia, in order to raise funds for a women’s hospital there

Ride for Nokor Tep, Cambodia, is the charity behind the challenge, and they are determined to meet the necessary funds required to build the first women’s hospital in Cambodia by riding 700km over 5 days in August. Lindsay says, “I have watched this program develop for several years and will now be throwing myself into the deep end. The women of Cambodia are in desperate need to access to the most basic of medical services.”

Construction of the hospital is near completion, and the interior will be soon be fitted out with beds,
x-ray equipment, technology and all the other necessary items to keep a hospital operational meaning the women will soon be able to get the important medical attention they need.

For Lindsay, the chance to combine his love of cycling with fundraising was too good an opportunity to ignore, “I discovered my love of cycling about 10 years ago but only recently realised I could combine my peddling passion with an increasing desire to give back and contribute to worthy causes. So much so I managed to convince two cycling colleagues in Brisbane to join the Nokor Tep Charity Ride team. All three of us completed a ride in September last year, cycling the full length of the UK in 11 days.” However, the heat and humidity of Cambodia will be a real tester for Lindsay and the team.

InXpress UK have donated £1k to this, and it’s a great honour to be a part of the global challenge, but Lindsay is still looking for sponsors to help reach the hospital target, “I’d be honoured to represent InXpress and complete the “leg work” for donations to this most worthy cause. I’m targeting USD 5000 and as much as I cringe at asking for donations, I’m kicking in USD 2000 myself and will focus on this event as my major fundraiser for 2017. A huge thanks to those already who have contributed.” 

To find out more about Lindsay’s Ride for Cambodia challenge, visit: When making a donation, please state the donation is for Lindsay Birley under the heading “requests”.