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Put a Spring in your step with InXpress

15th March 2021

Isn’t it time for your career to Spring forward? The InXpress franchise is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and take your business to the next level. 


Have you ever thought about making a career change? Or are you looking for a way to give your business a new edge in an ever-changing world? Spring is usually a time when we think about new beginnings; but this year, this has a deeper meaning for all of us. With so much uncertainty over this last year, Spring 2021 is an ideal time to seize new opportunities, and give your career a boost!


Joining the InXpress franchise gives you an opportunity to connect with a global network of shipping and logistics experts. Your new business will provide customers with the competitive shipping they can rely on. You’ll also use our industry-leading technology, developed to make managing your business, your staff, and customers, easier to achieve. For many of our franchise partners, whilst they may not have had a background in the logistics industry, having a background in sales, or employing someone strong in sales, made a difference to how quickly they could grow. Which is why there is an inspirational spirit among InXpress entrepreneurs. 


Ideal for changing careers

Every year, InXpress awards its top ten franchisees “Top Gun” status. Five who are achieving the highest margins in the network, and five who are among the fastest growing. In recent years, many Top Guns, such as James Griffin from InXpress South Wales, who had previously served in the military. In just two and half years, he went from being the new kid on the block, to making enough profit to put a deposit down on a new family home. James is a great example of how rapidly you can grow your business, when you have the right drive and ambition, and follow the InXpress model. 


Ideal for the younger entrepreneur, too

InXpress offers a “Young Guns” programme to provide anyone leaving university with the means to start their own business. By providing extra supporting and mentoring for up-and-coming young entrepreneurs who join their network, InXpress has helped a number of school and college leavers achieve their ambitions. One of our youngest franchisees, Jack Fisher started out as an apprentice, before he accepted an offer to co-own InXpress Stour Valley. 


A supported route to business independence

Whilst many people dream about becoming their own boss, the sad fact is most start-ups fail within the first five years. However, when you join a franchise, you gain an advantage – you have the support of investing in a business which has already proven to work. So, you gain the perfect balance between business independence and a business model which has been tried and tested.


Perhaps this is the first time you’re really looking into franchising. Trying to work out if it is right for you. One of the biggest advantages to starting an InXpress franchise is knowing you won’t be alone in business. Franchising, as an industry, has stood the test of time, and many brands, like InXpress, use it as a means to provide people like you with a supported route into business ownership.


Who are we? We’re here to support you

InXpress has more than 380 independently-owned offices in 14 countries. Our network consist of ambitious and talented individuals to deliver our unique and innovative service. By operating under our globally recognised brand, you reduce the risks of starting a business, alone. 


Whatever your background, investing in your own InXpress franchise means investing in yourself, and your future. If you’re ready to give your career the spring forward it needs, contact us today to find out how to fulfil your true potential.