In just over six months, InXpress Gatwick is ready for further growth

20th May 2021

Having only opened last Autumn, Matt Strutt – owner of InXpress Gatwick – shows there’s no limit to what you can achieve, when you have the right business model behind you. 

When you decide to start a new business, you’re never fully sure of how it will turn out. This was how Matt Strutt, owner of InXpress Gatwick, felt too when we first welcomed him into the InXpress network. Like many people, Matt had been made redundant early on in the pandemic, but he was determined to see this as an opportunity for change, rather than a crisis. 

Just seven months since he joined the InXpress network, our 100th franchisee, Matt, is now one of our fastest growing new franchisees! In just a short space of time, he’s enjoyed an incredible amount of success, having already exceeded the turnover forecasted for his first seven months, and is ready to take his business to the next level. He is a fantastic example of what you could achieve, by combining our proven business model with your drive and ambition to success for yourself. 

“Things are going well,” Matt says, “but it hasn’t come easy. I’m on a mission to get back to where I was, and I’ve chosen my path with InXpress. If I stay as a one-man-band, my business and I will become stagnant; so, it’s time to push on to my next growth level, which is really exciting. I love the sales process, closing business and winning customers with the right products. But I am ready to employ someone to take over the admin side of the business, leaving me to focus on what I love doing.”

Like many of our franchisees, Matt had no direct experience of working within the shipping industry before joining InXpress. However, he did bring with him a strong background in sales and customer service, which has been invaluable in the phenomenal growth of his business. Combining our comprehensive training programme and unwavering commitment to supporting our franchisees throughout their partnership with us, is proving to be a real recipe for success for Matt. 

For over 21 years, we’ve provided global shipping and logistic solutions to a variety of businesses. Our systems are designed to be flexible and user-friendly, which is the secret to our success, and empowers our global network of over 380 franchisees, as they grow their businesses. “InXpress has definitely given me the right level of training and the required tools for my business, whilst my Business Coach has been a massive support, since I started. Sometimes I feel a bit bogged down by the admin and would prefer to focus my time and energy on the sales side of my business, so I am ready to employ my first staff member. As with anything, if you want to reach a high level in your business, you have to look after it.”

As well as growing his business, Matt has also recently found the right charity for his business to support, as a means of giving back to his local community. You can read more about his involvement with Little Life Savers, and why the dad of four chose to make a difference to the next generation. The possibilities you have with your own InXpress franchise, are beyond your expectations. “I’m so proud of who we are and what we do, here at InXpress,” Matt says. “I’m really happy with the choice I made during the pandemic to open InXpress Gatwick, and hope others are inspired by what I have been able to achieve so far.”

Don’t allow fear of the unknown to hold you back from achieving more than you could imagine. To see how you can grow, with the support of InXpress behind you, contact us today.