How InXpress is helping clients to support customers through Brexit

With an InXpress franchise, you’ll be ready for anything

22nd June 2021

In a changing world, you need to join a network at the cutting edge of the market. A company dedicated to creating a better world for its customers, and for its franchisees. 

Has your business or workplace changed much compared to its pre-Covid days? It would be very unusual if you said no. There is hardly a single industry in the UK which has not been affected in some way. With the country gradually starting to open up again, not everyone has managed to weather the storm, and we’re starting to see that those businesses which adapted quickly, are looking strong coming out of the crisis.  

For InXpress franchisees and our customers, one of the biggest ways our industry has changed, is with the boom in ecommerce. It came as no big surprise, as it follows a trend in online ordering and shopping which has been growing for many years. But, the pandemic saw a massive shift in consumer habits which proved very challenging, logistically. Many companies struggled to move their businesses online, and even those who were ready for change found it difficult to scale-up their deliveries to meet the surge in demand. 

As one of the world’s largest franchisors of global courier services, InXpress has a long history of providing innovative solutions to our customer’s shipping needs. The pandemic was no exception. In fact, we upped our game! 

With our industry leading technology, we’ve always been ahead of the curve, at InXpress. By using the very latest in digital solutions, we were uniquely positioned to take advantage of this huge shift in the market. Our systems were already in place and ready to roll, based on over 20 years of experience in tech-enabled shipping logistics. So, our franchisees were more than ready. 

Perhaps even more importantly, our forward-thinking strategies meant we were able to help our customers adapt too.  As the sheer volume of online trade and deliveries increased, many carriers reached capacity and could be very selective about who they worked with. InXpress’ reputation for efficiency, and our long-standing relationships with world-class shipping partners, meant we could negotiate greater carrying capacity with both current and new providers. 

By continuing to offer optimal shipping solutions, despite the challenges we all faced, InXpress franchisees helped their customers adapt to the changing marketplace. In the background, we continued to improve our in-house software so we could support our franchisees as they kept customers’ goods moving – saving them time, money, and hassle just when they need it the most. 

It might seem counter-intuitive, but this is one way in which being part of a larger organisation can help you be more flexible and adaptable. Unlike huge monolithic corporations which can become stuck in their ways and slow to change, modern franchises, like InXpress, are actually designed to be more versatile. By growing our business in partnership with talented individuals like you, we encourage an independent and entrepreneurial spirit. You’re expected to follow our tried and tested systems, of course, but the collective experience of our wider network means we share ideas and support each other, in ways traditional structures cannot.  

By working together, we can more effectively support clients and keep building the relationships which are so essential to both our businesses. Customer or franchisee – at InXpress, we’re by your side! 

Are you ready to be a part of the solution and build your own successful business? Contact us today to find out how you could have an exciting and rewarding future with InXpress.