We can’t give you a magic ball, but we do offer a reduced-risk opportunity for start-up success!

4th June 2019

With an increase in small business insolvencies in the first quarter of the year, how can you start a business and feel confident in your future? Franchise opportunities, like InXpress offer a reduced risk business start-up.

A report by the Insolvency Service[1]for the first quarter of the year, has sadly shown an increase in the number of SME insolvencies in the UK, between January and March. The biggest challenge, when thinking about starting your own business, is knowing how to build something which customers want, has longevity, and will grow into something substantial. If only there was a magic ball so you can predict the success of your business start-up. 

Franchising has long been used by entrepreneurs as a reduced risk way to start their own business. With so many sectors covered within the franchising industry, the hardest part is knowing how to choose the right one for you. But the benefits of franchising, especially with an established brand like InXpress, is part of the attraction of buying a franchise.

The benefit of franchising with InXpress:

  1. Since we started in 1999, we have risen to become one of the world’s largest franchisors of global express shipping services.
  2. We have also risen to become one of the UK’s number one shipping consultants, offering customers a solution for any domestic or international express requirements. 
  3. As a franchise brand, InXpress has 20 years’ experience of supporting entrepreneurs into business, globally. With established networks in the UK, and 14 countries around the world, your new business becomes part of a network with reputable systems our customers benefit from.
  4. Based on our reputation, we have developed strong relationships with world-class carriers customers already know, and trust. Franchisees benefit from the confidence their customers feel about their parcels being in safe hands. 
  5. Our franchise offers you a high earning residual income opportunity. 
  6. You DON’T NEED to have had previous freight or shipping experience. By joining the InXpress franchise network, you gain access to world-class training, a business development mentor, and the ongoing support of both the Head Office and the rest of the network.
  7. Your business is your own, but you are not trying to build it from scratch, or do it alone. The 350 franchisees who have built their own successful InXpress business, is a testament to the proof of our training, systems and processes. 

No business is a guaranteed success. But when you follow the InXpress business model, as other franchisees have done before you, the risk of failure is reduced, as your future success is increased. Does this sound like something you can do? Let’s talk! Email Mel:melanie.spencer@inxpress.com, or call: 0800 195 2125. 


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We can’t give you a magic ball, but we do offer a reduced-risk opportunity for start-up success!