Are you ready to take on the world?

20th June 2018

Having graduated from uni, it’s time to think about what the rest of your life is going to look like! You could find a job, starting as high as your newly acquired degree will allow you, and work your way up the corporate ladder. Or, you can use your newly acquired degree, and the skills and training you’ve picked up over the last few years, to accomplish your own business goals, instead of someone else’s. 

You may be thinking option two is nigh-on impossible at this stage. You’ve just finished uni, have accumulated student debt, and don’t really have any business experience to match your determination to make something of your life. 

But what if there was a way? 

InXpress is making provision to offer you a way!

InXpress is a franchise which gives you an opportunity to create a business you can be proud of. It also gives you space to accomplish more than just sitting behind a desk making someone else’s dream happen. InXpress believes in graduates like you, who have an ethos to make something of yourself. Use the same hard work and determination you used to gain your degree, alongside the expert guidance and training of the InXpress Support Team to learn all the sales techniques needed to build a strong business. 

With a reduced-cost investment in the franchise fee, access to the exclusive YoungGuns mentoring programme, and the foundation from which to build a successful business, InXpress have designed a YoungGuns Graduate package with someone like you in mind.

InXpress YoungGuns have risen to become some of the most successful business owners among our 14 Country-strong global network. They are ‘world-class’, and have used their businesses to:

  1. Give them the freedom to build an Instagram brand, with tens-of-thousands of followers, modelling success
  2. Teach other InXpress franchisees around the world, such as in Vietnam and India
  3. Set up a charity, providing children in rural Thailand villages, with an education
  4. Link with charities to provide schools in Africa with important equipment, like desks
  5. Support the building of a Women & Children’s hospital in Cambodia 
  6. Create businesses for others who don’t have the finances or experience to start-up by themselves
  7. Worked, on a yacht, in the middle of the ocean, or from a hot tub in the middle of a skiing holiday

InXpress is a B2B sales-based Franchise which, since 1999 has become the world’s number one consultant for express courier services. By joining the InXpress network, you will become expert in offering your customers outstanding solutions for their international and domestic express services. We have established important relationships with carriers your customers already know and trust, which gives you the confidence to stand out from your competitors.

The key to your own high-earning success, with the Global InXpress brand, is two-fold: 

  1. Follow the business model they have already developed, with a global network of over 300 franchisees
  2. Put in the effort up-front, to reap the benefit as you hit your targets. 


If you think you are ready to build your own world-class business, which also allows you to have a global personal impact, what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information about the InXpress YoungGuns Graduate package, and take the first step on the road to real success. 

Are you ready to take on the world?