EYESeeMe Update

1st June 2017

We have received a delightful card from the 71 children who have started school this month, as a result of InXpress’ fundraising. Rebecca Robyns of the InXpress charity of the year, EYESeeMe says, “As you can see, they look very proud and happy in their new school uniforms. We also want to extend our huge thanks for all who supported the Casino at the InXpress Convention. The outcome was fantastic and will help keep our children in school, well into 2018.”

Rebecca goes on to extend an invitational challenge, “We will be back in Thailand in July and will look forward to updating everyone with some exciting news as well as pictures from our visit; we will be throwing a massive party for all the kids along with a fun day of sporting activities! We hope to make this an annual event, and will make welcome anyone who would like to join us in 2018?”

Finally, as stated at the InXpress Convention, if any franchisees are involved in any charities in the UK for children or young adults, and feel that EYESeeMe can help, please know this is a free activity for them, (subject to UK funding).  Rebecca explains, “EYESeeMe are in the unique position where we can give back to the UK community, as well as globally, and can help any charity raise much needed funds”