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InXpress Franchisee Reaches Everest Base Camp!

13th July 2018

For some people, climbing one of the world’s highest mountains is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not-so for Mita Mehta of InXpress Aberdeen, Dundee & Kirkcaldy! Her annual calendar is arranged around her annual bid to selflessly raise money for her chosen charities. For six months of the year, the business owner from Scotland is dedicated to her climb challenges, including her training regime before the climb. “I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro, completed the Three Peaks National UK Challenge in 36 hours, and climbed the three Yorkshire peaks in 10 hours,” she says without a flinch.  

InXpress encourages its franchisee network to find and develop ways in which they can give back to the community. #InXpressGivesBack is an important and unique aspect of their franchise model, as each of the franchisees has found ways to give back to the community on a local level, through mentoring young entrepreneurs, and apprenticeship schemes, or a global level, through fundraising for school equipment, hospitals and funding children’s education. Sometimes the network collaborates on #InXpressGivesBack projects, such as November’s 1p-per-shipment campaign, or they embark on individual challenges, such as the route Mita has undertaken.

Mita has chosen to use her time, energy and resources to help support the homeless young people around her, “I used to have a shop in the local high street. I would see young adults sleeping rough in the garden behind my shop. It broke my heart but motivated me to do something for them. This latest challenge,to climb up to the Everest Base Camp (EBC) located at a height of 17,600 ft (5,380m), was one of the most arduous. The hike was spread over 14 days, of these, it took nine days of rigorous ascents and descents to reach EBC. The return journey took four days, relentlessly trekking for up to 21kms daily. 

“Physically I was incredibly fatigued by this point.But because of the training I do, I never felt breathless! Your brain literally stops working at such high altitudes, because of the lack of oxygen!” Mita continues, “But the magnificent views surrounded by the mountain range in all directions made it all worthwhile. No money can buy it, you have to earn it.”

Balancing the challenges of climbing, with running and growing her InXpress business is no easy feat. But as well as having the support of the franchisor, Mita works alongside her husband, Ajay who co-owns the business, and ensures operations continues to run smoothly in her fundraising absences. 
“It’s about balancing out my responsibilities,” Mita explains. “I work out every day before dropping my daughter to school. Then I can make sure I am in the office for 10am. InXpress is fully supportive of our charitable endeavours.” 

The InXpress network is a family who are keen to encourage and support each other, so as Paul Wright, InXpress Preston, is about to undertake his own challenge to climb Kilimanjaro later this year Mita says, “Good luck Paul, I know you will enjoy the experience! With Kilimanjaro, your last day will feel like you are rock climbing, as it’s all boulders. Just go for it!


To find out how you can contribute to Mita’s charity, and help her achieve her target of £1,000, please visit her JustGiving Page:


InXpress Franchisee Reaches Everest Base Camp!