InXpress Gives Back to make a difference where it counts

24th January 2023

Every November, the InXpress UK network are dedicated to raising money through their businesses. The Penny Gives Back campaign sees franchisees donate 1p for every shipment booked with them throughout November – with some choosing to donate more. It might not sound much, but with thousands of parcels being sent every day, this year they raised a whopping £9,740.40, with additional donations from the network and The Support Centre.

This amazing total amount, alongside the money being raised through the ongoing High Five Forever campaign, means InXpress Gives Back can donate to charitable causes which are close to the hearts of people within the network, such as:

  • Maria Burns from InXpress Milton Keynes asked if we could donate to British Humanitarian Aid. The organisation, which is supported by Wellingborough School (all three of Maria and Gerry's sons attend) requested donations of used domestic goods, particularly clothes, toys and school stationery, for young children and families in Ukraine.

    The £500 donation from us will help with the cost of diesel amongst other things, as the goods are driven over.
  • Every year, Pets As Therapy, which Vanessa Heaps from InXpress Manchester South is involved in, with family dog Ellie, ask for donations and messages to decorate their virtual Christmas tree.

    A donation of £250 was made to ‘claim’ the star on top of the Christmas tree here.
  • Maria and Gerry Burns also support, a children’s home in South Africa providing vulnerable children with residential care and developmental programmes. Last year they successfully donated £500 to the orphanage instead of sending Christmas cards.


This year, they did the same, which the Gives Back committee match funded.

It’s great to see how something as small as a penny, can soon add up to make a big difference, wherever it’s needed most. 

InXpress Gives Back to make a difference where it counts