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Case Study: Joshua Hegarty

17th January 2020

Josh Hegarty joined the UK network in January 2019, having attended the National Franchise Exhibition the previous year where the InXpress opportunity stood out to him. Josh quickly got off a flying start, so much so, that in November he was second in the league table of activators in the UK. Here, Josh tells us about his story with InXpress so far.

"When I attended the franchise exhibition at the NEC in October 2018, there were so many business models to look at, but only one that truly stood out - InXpress. I have always been an entrepreneur, and, from a very early age, I wanted to be my own boss and run my own company. I knew I had the skills needed to be successful, all I was lacking was a dynamite idea to match my enthusiasm - luckily for me I found InXpress.

After speaking with members of the InXpress team at the exhibition, it quickly became clear that the potential earnings and work life balance which the InXpress opportunity offers, were the change I was looking for. One of the people I spoke to was franchise owner, Neil Hatt and his enthusiasm and passion for the business was clear to see
Before buying an InXpress franchise, I had been a professional poker player for over a decade, and I had no previous experience in the shipping industry. I had complete confidence that I would get the support I needed from the head office team and network of franchisees though, and I can confirm that the help and training provided has been invaluable. InXpress have been there every step of the way, helping me to set up my business and providing all the information I need to make it a success.

This support and my passion for the business, mean that 10 months in, I have signed up 300 customers and my revenue is already over £61,000. The target number of activations for franchisees is eight per month, so I am pleased to see that I’m performing well above average even in these early days for my business!  

I have huge ambitions for InXpress Sheffield, and have just employed my first staff member and moved into office premises. My aim is to be among the top five earning InXpress franchise owners in the UK within three years. It’s an ambitious target, but with the help, training and support InXpress have provided, I have every confidence it is something I can achieve.

InXpress is the perfect fit for me. The company culture of self-improvement and hard work fits very well with my own. The huge potential earnings and fantastic work life balance InXpress offers is second to none. Having been involved with the business for a while now, I can only say that I have been so impressed by every single InXpress team member I have had the pleasure of speaking with."

Case Study: Joshua Hegarty