Happy 20th Birthday to us!

24th January 2019

This year marks 20 years since we began business. In the coming months, we’ll be sharing our success stories with you. A journey through InXpress’ history and the franchisees who have made us the business we are today, twenty years on.

June of 1999 saw John Thompson buy the first Unishippers franchise in the UK, this lead him and Alex Rossi to sign the master franchise agreement with Unshippers in June 2000. After this the first franchise was sold in Leeds. 

In September 2003, Express Worldwide was launched with Alex Rossi as MD shortly followed by the launch of InXpress USA, opening in Salt Lake City and then Utah in 2006. 

When the Global Head Office was opened in Manchester in 2008, it opened the market for InXpress Australia to be launched in 2009. This paved the way for Zoe Kirby to become Global CFO and Alex Rossi, Global General Counsel and Chief Strategy Officer, resulting in the rebrand to InXpress UK in June 2011.  

Since 2011 we have ventured into Korea, Vietnam, Holland, France, India, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong, making us a universally successful franchise network and have achieved many major milestones in business:

  • Mark Taylor was appointed Global CEO in 2015, 
  • in 2016 our 300thfranchisee joined the network, 
  • franchisee Cathy Battreall, InXpress Jacksonville reached $1 million margin, 
  • InXpress UK was announced as the winner of the bfa HSBC Brand Innovation award in 2017 
  • in December of 2018 we reached over 350 franchisees across 14 countries! 

Amazing Achievements and when better to sing our own praises than our 20thbirthday. 

As we enter our anniversary year, we reflect on our greatest achievements and on the people who have made them possible. Stay tuned to InXpress’ social media platforms to find out more about how we are celebrating our 20thyear in business. 

Happy 20th Birthday to us!