Good things come to those who work hard

5th February 2019

InXpress Young Gun, James Griffin, has managed to make a success of his business, in only two and a half years. He has been so successful, it has given him the opportunity to buy his first home!

As a previous Electrical Engineer in the Royal Navy, James Griffin is no stranger to a challenge. But when he decided to become his own boss, three years ago, his hardworking attitude and aptitude for success would benefit him and his future greatly. 

He first opened his InXpress business in 2016 and, with the help of his mentor, Neil Hatt, used the InXpress business model to excel in his career. He says he owes a lot to the mentoring, he received from Neil, “Without a good mentor, like Neil, I wouldn’t have had the speed of success! I had no experience; the mentoring was essential.” James believes the training provided by InXpress is complimented by the help of a mentor, “The franchise gives you the training but, Neil helped me a lot to develop my business rapidly.”

Thirty-year-old James is now undertaking a fantastic milestone in his adult life, by buying his first home with his partner, Carlene. “We’ve seen quite a lot of profit in the business in the last few months as we’ve worked hard to gather the money together for the deposit. It’s great to be at the stage where we can afford to take more money out of the business.” He says, “Finding the house we wanted took a while – it’s in a really nice area called Badger’s Wood, down by the lakes and quite rural. We love it because it has really good potential.” 

Reaching such a milestone meant James could hold Christmas Day at his first home, last year. “It’s so exciting! We’ve got all the family coming around.” James said just before Christmas, “We started decorating before Christmas, but we still need to finish putting our stamp on it. We put two Christmas trees up, a real one, which is absolutely massive, and an artificial one. Carlene put the trees up, I’m not very good at that!” he laughs. 

James is abundant in optimism and determination. His attitude has been incremental to his early and quick success. He is positive about his franchising journey but inherently modest, “It’s gone well, we’ve made quite a nice profit every month,” he says. James has learnt so much becoming part of the InXpress network and is hoping to become a mentor himself at some point soon, “I think we’d be in a really good place to mentor other people because we’ve learned a lot and we’re one of the most successful franchises. We’d like to do it for other people, and I like to help others.”

When I first started with InXpress, I had no experience in logistics or sales. So, by rights, there’s no way an ordinary twenty-something guy, from South Wales should be successfully running my own business. InXpress made it possible for me to start achieving some of my personal goals. But I firmly believe one of the biggest measures of how successful someone can be, is not so much about what experience you’ve had, but your attitude and approach to how you do what you do”. 

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Good things come to those who work hard