Marathon Challenge Continues

2nd February 2017

We’ve been providing regular updates about Craig Atkins, franchise owner of InXpress Reading, who is running the Manchester marathon in April and he’s just completed weeks eight and nine of his training!

After managing not to gain too much weight over Christmas and New Year, Craig’s been in full running mode and, although he’s finding the running challenging, he’s also finding it extremely rewarding. And it’s all for a great cause!

“I’m finding the running hard at times but I’m sticking to the plan. The back to back weekend runs are demanding but also rewarding at the same time. I’ve made some great running friends who help to keep me motivated – even on a 17-mile run in miserable weather! So far I’ve been chased by a fox, had road rage with a cyclist and been attacked by a gritter in full flow…” explains Craig.

We’re fully backing Craig and can’t wait to see him achieve his goal at the end of the marathon. He will be supporting even more children in Thailand into education with the money he raises. 

If you'd like to donate and support Craig, visit his fundraising page here