A supported opportunity led to sustainable business growth

5th December 2019

Steve Lamb started his InXpress franchise ten years ago, after he’d been made redundant. His business has seen extraordinary success for both him, and his family too. 

Before joining InXpress, Steve had held a number of senior customer-facing sales positions within the fast-moving consumer goods industry, several well-known blue-chip companies, supplying fast-moving consumer goods to major distributors. It was an experience which has proven to be invaluable for Steve, providing him with skill set and drive which are perfectly aligned with InXpress’ core principles, and ultimately making his franchise a success.

“When you’re dealing with large organisations, it really makes you think about what their needs are and how you can be relevant to their business,” Steve explains. “The key learnings were to understand a customer’s business and how you could add value by helping them to achieve their goals as well as providing excellent customer service, which is also at the heart of what InXpress does.”

Unfortunately, Steve was made redundant at the age of 45. With a wife and three young children to support, he didn’t want to relocate the whole family. “I wanted more control of my own destiny, which is when I came across InXpress. The franchise opportunity offered me a great way to use all the skills and competencies I had gained over the years.”

InXpress are international and domestic shipping specialists, offering industry-defining shipping solutions to their customers. Having developed a fully IT-enabled business model, InXpress has benefitted its network of business owners worldwide. “InXpress has over 20 years’ experience of driving business success with security, knowledge and expertise,” explains Mel Spencer, Head of Global Marketing. “With over 350 franchisees operating in 14 different countries, we have a proven record in meeting the global express needs of a broad cross-section of international businesses. Our bespoke facilities, industry know-how and comprehensive programme of training and support are the perfect combination for creating confident and successful franchises.”

Although he was looking at other franchise options, Steve says he connected more with InXpress. “The Discovery Day was an eye-opening and inspiring experience. I did look at other franchises, but InXpress stood out with its strong customer focus. The processes and models were already in place, as were the relationships with the carriers, and it felt like a business where I could really be in control of my own success. InXpress made me believe I could take their service model and do it justice.”

After joining the franchise, Steve took advantage of all the training and support offered by InXpress. He has, over the ten years of being part of the InXpress family, contributed himself to the extensive knowledge and experience today’s new franchisees can draw on. Now that he’s in a position to celebrate 10 successful years as a partner, he’s able to look back on all the highs of his journey so far. “People always ask, would you do it again? My answer is: most definitely, yes! It’s been a great experience and those 10 years have gone very fast.” 

It’s not just been a success story for Steve – his wife, Alison, is also an integral part of the business. “When I started with InXpress, Allison was working in a local primary school, and had no designs whatsoever on coming into business with me. However, after just 4 weeks, I was already spending so much time going out after new business, I needed someone to run the office and the phones. Initially Alison was meant to join me part-time, but after only 2 weeks, there was enough interest for her to join our business full time. She has a great way of managing our team in the office, and we really complement each other.”

With several more staff joining them in the intervening 10 years, Steve and Alison have just had their biggest month to date in terms of margin and envisage the business will only continue to grow. “With InXpress, there is such a broad range of services we can offer. We are going to be looking at how we can get more business from our existing clients, just as much as we will be looking at bringing in new business. What makes us different is the unbeatable customer service InXpress has perfected. We demonstrate to our customers how we will always go the extra mile, giving them the personal touch which makes them want to do business with us… and continue to do business with us.” 

Away from work, sport plays a key role for Steve. Whether it’s watching his two boys, who both play for the same University football team, encouraging his netball playing daughter or supporting his beloved United at Old Trafford, sport affords Steve the chance to recharge his batteries.

With a customised office at the back of their house, their children always know their parents are on hand.  “Family is really important to both of us, and it’s great for our kids to see how well we work together and balance each other’s skills. We’re in a place where we can not only grow ourselves, but grow as a business.”

Becoming a franchisee with InXpress is an unparalleled opportunity for you to build your own successful and profitable IT-enabled enterprise driven by innovative tech solutions which have redefined the Shipping and Logistics industry. 

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A supported opportunity led to sustainable business growth