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Apprenticeship Success for InXpress Birmingham South

12th December 2017

Neil Hatt started his InXpress franchise 12 years ago. Six years ago, he employed Sales manager, Alex Petrides, as the business was doing so well. But earlier this year, both felt they needed to develop their sales team even further.

“Ross Jermy, InXpress Head Office’s Business Coach, suggested taking on an apprentice. He said it would be a great way to invest in someone, whilst expanding my business to the next level.” Explains Neil. “Like any type of recruitment, I had concerns about how good an apprentice would be. But with the right provider, working alongside the right person, it really does have something to offer. We’re just a few months in, and Charlotte has already has become an invaluable member of the team.”

In August, 19 year-old Charlotte began a two year apprenticeship with Neil, primarily to work alongside Alex, learning about sales. “Charlotte has proven to be very capable and driven – a real asset to our team.” he says.

Charlotte explains, “I wanted to do an apprenticeship, because I thought it would be the best way to have hands-on experience about business. When I was in college, I loved business studies – it really stirred something in me. So, having the opportunity to work with Alex and has really helped focus that passion a lot more. Neil and the team have given me a lot of support, especially when it comes to needing to work on assignments set by Performance Through People.”

It wasn’t until recently, though, Charlotte and Neil realised just how well things were going, at InXpress Birmingham South. Charlotte’s mentor came into the office, and mentioned they wanted to nominate her for Apprentice of the Year. “When she said they wanted to nominate me, I was totally overwhelmed.” Charlotte enthuses. “I hadn’t realised how well I was doing, until then! I’ve also been told I will potentially finish the programme well ahead of schedule!”

Neil continues, “This really is a win-win situation. It shows how well Charlotte is doing day-to-day, and how quickly she has picked things up with us. The fact she has a chance to do an accelerated programme really is excellent news. I would definitely offer an apprenticeship programme again, without a shadow of a doubt, and would highly recommend this as an option for other InXpress owners to consider. We have someone who is young, driven, and want to get on in life, which is absolutely enhancing what we do.”

In the same breath, Neil’s InXpress business has also been nominated, by the same firm Performance Through People, to be in the running for Employer of the Year. So, it looks like this is the place for success, when it comes to rewarding apprenticeship placements!

Fingers crossed for Charlotte, and InXpress Birmingham South, as we wait for news of the Apprentice of the Year, and Employer of the Year!