Young Guns: 4 steps toward your future career freedom!

18th August 2017

The results are in, your future lies like a golden road ahead of you!! The world is literally your oyster. Now what?! When standing at the crossroads of life, it can be overwhelming to think about which direction to go in. At InXpress, we get that! So, let us help you think about your options and how we can help you:

  1. You quite like the idea of owning your own business!
    It seems totally out of reach, right? You’ve only just finished education, so how can you even think about owning your own business already? With franchising, the prospect of business ownership is simplified, bringing your dream of owning a company closer to reality. After making an investment in an InXpress franchise, your business is yours to build up and make as successful as you want. With our 93% franchise success rate, across 13 countries, for more than 17 years, InXpress are confident you will gain the right foundation for a successful business, using the structure used by many successful franchisees like you.

  2. You don’t want to be working all the hours God sends!
    Come on! Hands up! Who really does?? Looking for the perfect balance between working and doing life, is on everyone’s agenda – and only some people manage to achieve it quickly. You could be one of those smug people who finds it quicker than some of your peers! Life is to be enjoyed to the max! Right? Through an InXpress franchise, you will be able to find the perfect balance between earning money, and living life. It’s your business, your way!

  3. You fancy yourself as being a bit of a smooth talker! 
    It has been said you have the gift of the gab, and could sell ice to Eskimos! Part of the challenge of owning an InXpress franchise is sales. It’s about being able to chat to businesses, individuals, any potential client about how your company can help them and save them money. And sign them up! Simple! The logistics industry is fast-paced and constantly developing. By the end of 2017, the estimated value of the courier industry will have reached £10 billion, with online retailing massively increasing revenue growth, which is expected to rise 5.78% over the next few years! We know you won’t have much experience, we will give you all the training you need, so when you start engaging with your clients, you don’t just sound like you know what you’re doing – you actually do know!

  4. You want to be able to use your time to do some good for others! 
    This is the kind of person we like to work with, and actively encourage our franchisees to do as much as they can for the local and global communities. Doing what you can to help those who can’t is a big part of the InXpress mandate. Whether it’s one of the InXpress Global CEO doing a charity bike ride in Cambodia to raise money for hospital equipment, one of the franchisees raising money for school desks in India, or using your time to mentor students, how you help others is up to you as part of the InXpress Gives Back commitment.

With our new Young Guns initiative, why not consider us as your next step!

As one of the world’s largest franchisors of worldwide express parcel delivery and transportation services, award-winning InXpress are the number one reseller of express courier services. Our franchisees offer express, freight and mail services through world-class carriers customers already trust: Our success is your success, your success is our success!

Three steps to your exclusive Young Guns Graduate offer:

  1. After an initial suitability process, if you are successful, we will offer you the opportunity to work with an existing franchise for three months on basic pay, learning all about the business from the inside.
  2. After the three months, if you still want to proceed, and you continue to meet our criteria we will offer you your own franchise at a 50% discount on our normal purchase price.
  3. After completing six months, as one of our 'Young Guns' you would be expected to provide support to other applicants in the programme, and inspire them to successfully achieve their own dreams.

Don’t believe us? We might be talking a good talk in this post, so if you don’t believe us, have a listen to some of our other Young Guns, and see what they have personally experienced.


Over to you: Think you could become part of the winning InXpress franchise? Find out more about the InXpress Young Guns Graduate programme then give us a call us on 0800 195 2125, or email: to start a conversation about your next step to future freedom!