How InXpress is helping clients to support customers through Brexit

New normal or brand-new start?

28th April 2021

Looking for a change, but unsure how to make it happen? The InXpress franchise may be your key to unlocking a whole new future. 

If you have been on furlough during lockdown, or stuck working from home, you’re probably feeling some relief as restrictions start to lift. As life begins to open up again, and jobs start to return to normal, there is one thing for certain – our working lives may never be the same again. But the big question is: do we really want them to be? Are you really ready to go back to the office, or are you ready for something new? 

This last year has given us all time to reflect on what is most important to us; the direction our careers are taking, and how it affects our lives, is probably one of the biggest reflections. So, if you’ve been feeling in two minds about going back into full work-mode again, and “normal” just isn’t going to cut it anymore, you’re not alone. 

Franchising is a fantastic option for those who want to take charge of their career and run their own business. By investing in a tried-and-tested business model, like InXpress, you can enjoy all the benefits of working for yourself without the usual risks of starting out on your own. As a multi award-winning franchise, with more than 21 years of successful trading in 14 different countries, we know exactly how to help you build your own successful and profitable business. 

No experience necessary
You don’t even need to have experience in logistics and shipping to enjoy the benefits of running our franchise, although it would give you an advantage, of course. Whatever your background, our comprehensive training and support programmes will ensure you have everything you need. In fact, the intuitive and user-friendly nature of our model, and of the software and systems we use, are very much at the core of why we have become so successful.

People skills, on the other hand…
You will need to have some experience of managing people, however, and be willing to take on the appropriate staff to build a team with a full skillset. For example, if you’re more experienced in administration and logistics, you may want to consider employing, or teaming up with, someone who is skilled in sales, to ensure you will, from day one day, become the best in the business. The InXpress franchise has been developed in such a way that the only limitation to your success, is your own drive and ambition.

Self-motivation equals success
If you are the kind of person who is self-motivated and resourceful, you may even achieve “Top Gun” status, the accolade we give to our most successful franchisees. In recent years, a great number of our fastest-growing and top-earning partners have been relative newcomers, showing just how much is possible when you team up with an established franchise like InXpress. Check out some of our recent blogs and case studies to learn more about how our unique business opportunity has allowed them to hit the ground running.

Despite the economic uncertainty hitting most industries over the last year, there really has never been a better time to invest in an InXpress franchise. Businesses have increased their online capability, coupled with the shift in supply chains caused by both the pandemic and Brexit. So, a company like InXpress, which specialises in tech-enabled shipping and logistic solutions, is in higher demand than ever before. 

As we enter the “new normal”, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than a future you deserve. Don’t spend the rest of your life asking, ”What if?” To feel more in control of your career, and run your own rewarding business, contact us today.