#InXpressGivesBack: Food for Thought

1st April 2019

On Wednesday 3rdApril, up to 20 volunteers from the InXpress network are giving back to the local community of one of their franchisees. They will be giving hands-on help to the Reading Foodbank. 

As part of their drive to give back in practical ways, and not just financially, InXpress will be supporting the local Foodbank of one of its franchise areas, Reading. Headed up by InXpress’ Director of Sales, Ash Poulton, who says, “Last summer, as a network, we decided we wanted to be able to give of our time, and not just while away a few hours on the golf course, together. 

“The chance to volunteer for such an important charity, especially when you consider the difficult situations people who use Foodbanks find themselves, comes the day before we meet for our Annual Convention. We couldn’t be more honoured to give back in a way which meets the needs people have, who don’t have enough food, right on our doorstep.”

The Reading Foodbank, ReadiFood, provides much needed practical support to people who need it most in the community. The independent Foodbank provides food parcels to those in severe need.

Ash Poulton, of InXpress Rochdale, will be joined by twenty national franchisees who will be helping out at the ReadiFood warehouse, sorting food donations. Each item must be checked for date and type, before they can be distributed. Those who can’t help out in the Foodbank warehouse, as numbers are limited, will be taking along donations of food from their franchise.  

#InXpressGivesBack: Food for Thought