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“We’re all in!”: the InXpress success story in Cambridge

19th February 2021

The family-run InXpress Cambridge office is a prime example of just how much can be achieved in a short time by partnering with the right franchise. 

Have you ever wanted to run a business your whole family are excited about being involved in? For Stuart Vant, and his team in Cambridge this desire for a family business, is coming true, with the help of the InXpress franchise model they invested in. 

Within just 18 months, Stuart has grown from being the “new kid on the block” to one of our fastest growing franchises of all time. Even against all the challenges the pandemic could threw at us, the InXpress Cambridge team has grown to a team of five and is turning a significant profit.

With a background in shipping logistics, Stuart quickly recognised the opportunity InXpress presented for him. “In 2019, I was ready for a completely fresh start. I came across the InXpress franchise, and knew I could draw on my industry experience to make this a really good investment. However, I also know my limitations! I needed someone who had fresh energy and drive, who could help me reach new potential customers.”

Recognising her great potential as a sales consultant, Stuart persuaded his daughter, Chloe, to join the franchise with him. “Chloe was working as a well-paid accountant,” Stuart says, “but somehow she saw the potential of the new venture her dad was embarking on.” Chloe agreed to give it a shot, and soon realised she’d made the right decision. When I went on the training, I was thinking: I don’t know much about this company. But, it was literally life-changing,” she says. “I walked away with a completely different perception, and a desire to reach the top – of everything!”

Despite all the challenges of the last year, Stuart and Chloe built-up a customer base from zero to a truly impressive level. They also offered free shipping to the police and NHS workers in Saffron Walden, where their office is based, in order to support their local essential workers during the pandemic. 

As a result, in December 2020, just over a year after starting, they achieved a £40k+ profit margin per month. Stuart couldn’t be prouder of what he and his daughter are achieving together. “Chloe got straight out there, speaking to as many people as possible. She showed, from day one, InXpress was prepared to go the extra mile for them.” 

The father-daughter team have been so confident in the franchise’s growth, they’ve recently employed another three people to meet demand, including Stuart’s son, David (who is also a presenter on Cambridge United TV). InXpress Cambridge has become a real family affair! 

One of the keys to Stuart and his family’s success, has been their ability to tap into local markets and to offer a superior service. “One of the biggest areas we’ve moved into is food supply,” Stuart explains. “As lockdown hit, more and more people are shopping online. So, there was a need for more reliable, consistent and communicative shipping providers, which we at InXpress can provide.”

By using a bespoke IT-enabled system, and connecting our franchisees with a global network of trusted partners, InXpress franchisees can offer customers reliable shipping solutions. With a proven business model founded on security, knowledge and expertise, we’ve helped over 380 franchisees, globally, to exceed their own expectations of running a business. “The InXpress formula really works,” Stuart continues. “For those willing to give it their all in delivering it, and going that extra mile, there is a lot of opportunity out there. Their in-house systems for tracking deliveries and sending invoices means we can focus on what is most important – keeping customers happy.” 

Stuart and his family are looking forward to an even brighter year ahead. With the demand for online shopping booming, and a possible upcoming contract with a big-name garden plant supplier, InXpress Cambridge looks set to continue its meteoric growth. 

If you’re ready to put your drive and ambition to work for you, contact us today to find out how our tried and tested system can help you grow your business. 

“We’re all in!”: the InXpress success story in Cambridge